1. How can I book an appointment at Heed n Heal clinic?

You can 
a)call in our number: 7559885566 or 0490 2325566
b) or visit our website www.heednheal.com and book an appointment
c) or directly walk in to the Clinic

2. Are all the doctors available round-the-clock?

No the doctors are available as per predetermined consultation hours. For detailed information check our website or call 7559885566 or 0490 2325566

3. Do you welcome walk-ins in your clinic?

Yes,but appointments through booking are given priority.

4. When are the working hours?Are you open on Sundays?

Heed n Heal clinic is open from 7:30 AM to 6 PM.We are closed on Sundays.

5. Can emergencies be treated at Heed n Heal clinic?

We are a primary healthcare provider and cater to everyday healthcare/medical issues.We have a procedure room where we attend to minor cuts,bruises, sores etc.

6. Can I do scanning or x-ray from the clinic?

Presently these services are not available.

7. How are Covid test done and how much does it cost?

Both Covid Rapid Antigen (₹350) and RTPCR tests(₹500) are done.
Also home Covid tests are done for Rs.500 plus service charge.

8. Is home physiotherapy service available?

Yes.For booking call in our number.

9. Do you have any parking facility available?

Yes, we have free parking facility for our clinic, which is a ground just opposite to the clinic.

10. Is lab,pharmacy and ECG services available for patients without consulting the doctor at the clinic?

Yes, we render these services for patients outside the clinic also.

11. Do you have the facility of sample pick up for your laboratory?

Yes ,for this service call at our reception. A trained phlebotomist visits your home or workplace and collect samples.You can download your report from your WhatsApp or your email.