Heed n Heal Clinic aims at providing comprehensive care for all at an affordable cost with multi disciplinary approach. We are equipped with multiple specialists along with supporting paramedics, Automated Laboratory,  pharmacy and much more. Heed n Heal believes in providing care as patient centered and not disease specific for ensuring physical, mental and emotional well-being so as  to achieve a better community in larger canvas.
We are highly committed towards better health of our society as we believe that it's our responsibility too. Heed n Heal family promise care for you and your family.

Logo Translation
Lower Crescent implies to the the starting moon phase and resembles the shape of Red Crescent of Arab Countries equivalent to Red Cross of Western Countries. The color preferred olive green to red because we give importance to peace to the ailing peoples. Starting Moon Phase is a happy time regardless of religions; the clinic would examine one to come out of the ailment so as to lead a happy life.
Heed n Heal on the Lower Crescent with that smiling helping mood, the clinic welcomes you, the name of which is Heed n Heal.
Cross resembles the shape of the Red Crescent of Western Countries. The shape is the most popular icon for the public to read that it is Medical. the gradient color ranging from olive green to midnight green matching the lower and upper crescent colors.
The Upper Hand and Lower Hand implies to heed and healing gesture given and received respectively to the patients.
H n H guarantees as a Seal of Authenticity that it is the original clinic and serves as a Hologram. Color being the same gradient on the Cross, which diffuses and emerges as each other color, it servers as a hologram difficult to imitate.
Upper Crescent resembling the fading away moon which is again a hope for a new moon. fading away the difficulties with the patients and hoping a new happy life.

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